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Nikon F-401S 35mm film SLR w/ AF Nikkor 28-80mm lens

Nikon F-401S 35mm film SLR w/ AF Nikkor 28-80mm lens

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This Nikon F-401S (aka N4004S) is a sophisticated 35mm film SLR camera from the late 1980s. The included lens is a very versatile and lightweight AF Nikkor 28-80mm 1:3.3-5.6G. 

Here's how it was described in the April 1989 Popular Photography SLR roundup: 

The award for most improved goes to the pop-up flash called the Nikon N4004s, cosmetically quite similar to the N4004, which it replaces. However, the new model uses the far more sensitive (down to EV
- 1 instead of EV + 1) AM200 autofocusing module found on the Nikon N8008 and F4. As a result, autofocusing is speedier and, thanks to the diagonal array of charge-coupled devices (CCDs) in the module, the camera is more capable of autofocusing on fine detail both horizontally and vertically. Nikon also replaced the transparent smoky plastic cover over the shutter-speed and aperture-control dials with a clear cover that makes the numerals, which have been enlarged, much more visible. The dials, which sometimes could be inadvertently turned with a brush of an arm, now have locks at the off, aperture-, and shutter-priority positions. Cosmetically, there are minor changes to the placement of the Nikon name on the camera's side.


The camera uses 4 ordinary AA batteries for power (not included).

Condition notes
Both the camera and included lens are in very good functional and cosmetic condition. All modes of the camera were tested with a battery and film installed (the film was not developed) and everything works correctly. We tested the camera's shutter speeds and autoexposure and they're very accurate.


See pages 56-58 of manual. 

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