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Nikon EF200 35mm camera (serial 7105772)

Nikon EF200 35mm camera (serial 7105772)

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The Nikon EF200 (also called the Nice Touch 3) is a very simple 35mm point-and-shoot form the 1990s. It features a 31mm focus-free wide angle lens. This is a very easy to use 'auto-everything' camera. 

This camera requires two AA batteries (not included). 

Condition notes
We tested the camera with film and batteries installed (we did not process the film) and all functions are working correctly. The camera is in good cosmetic condition (see photos) with some minor wear from use. 



  • FILM FORMAT: 35mm Standard Cassette (DX Coded) 24 × 36mm
  • LENS: 35mm F4.5 3 Elements 3 Group Lens
  • VIEWFINDER: Reverse Galilean Type
  • FOCUSING: Fixed Focus
  • SHUTTER: 1/125 sec. Behind-the-Lens Mechanical Shutter
  • FILM SETTING: Automatic (DX 100/200 aid 400)
  • FILM LOADING: Easy Loading System
  • FILM ADVANCE: Automatic
  • FILM REWIND: Automatic also Half-Way Rewind Possible
  • FLASH SYSTEM: Built-in Flash. Guide No 'O (ISO 100 M)
  • BATTERY LIFE: Approx. 20 rolls of 36 exposures film (using flash
  • for approx. 50% of shots.)
  • POWER SOURCE: Two 1.5V AA size alkaline patteries
  • (Ni-Cd batteries cannot be used)
  • DIMENSIONS: 123 (W) × 68 (H) × 50 (D)mm
  • 4.8 M×2.7 (H) x2.0 (D) in.
  • WEIGHT: 195g without batteries (6.9 oz.)


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