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Nikon EF100 35mm camera (serial 5480365)

Nikon EF100 35mm camera (serial 5480365)

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Note: We found that this camera has a somewhat noisy motor. It didn't cause any problems in our testing but it may be poor choice for someone looking for a very quiet camera. 

The Nikon EF100 (also called the Fun Touch 2) is a very simple focus free 35mm point-and-shoot form the 1990s. It features a three way switch on the front (no flash; flash; and macro-closeup). If the light level is low, a warning light will appear in the viewfinder, meaning you should use the flash. 

This camera requires two AA batteries (not included). 

Condition notes
We tested the camera with film and batteries installed (we did not process the film) and all functions are working correctly. As mentioned earlier, the motor is a bit loud with this camera; we're not certain if this is normal for this model or if it's a particularly noisy example. The camera is in good cosmetic condition (see photos) with some minor wear from use. 

Example photos
Here are some pictures other people have taken with the EF100/Nice Touch 2:



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