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Minolta Vectis GX-4 waterproof APS film camera

Minolta Vectis GX-4 waterproof APS film camera

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Includes roll of expired APS film.

*note: this camera uses APS film (aka Advanced Photo System or Advantix) not 35mm*

The Minolta Vectis GX-4 is a very striking APS format underwater film camera. The camera includes an expired roll of Konica ISO 200 APS film. APS film has been discontinued for some time but is widely available on eBay and other online markets for reasonable prices. The Vectis series was Minolta's answer to the Nikon Nuvis and Canon Elph series of APS format cameras.

If you choose 'add battery', a CR2 battery will be installed.

Condition notes
The camera is in very good aesthetic condition (see photos); the camera was tested with a battery.


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