Minolta Hi-Matic S2 35mm camera w/ original case; flash not functional, otherwise works great

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Note: The pop-up flash is not working on this camera. All other features are working well, we film-tested the camera and it delivered sharp, well-exposed negatives. We recommend this camera for outdoor use in the daytime. 

The Minolta Hi Matic S2 the manual focus version of the better-known Hi Matic AF-2. Both cameras share the same fast and sharp 38mm f2.8 lens and are excellent cameras for street/party photography. In many ways the Hi Matic S2 is a more flexible camera than its auto-focus sibling; it focuses as close as 80cm and offers both pictograms for fast focusing or distances in meters/feet for precision. 

The camera is powered by two ordinary AA batteries (not included). 

Note: It's a very easy camera to use but one function sometimes confuses new users: when you first load the film (and before you take your first photo), you need to crank the film advance lever repeatedly until it locks and the number 1 appears in frame counter window.

Condition notes
The camera (serial number 4008371) is very good cosmetic condition (see photos). Apart from the pop-up flash not working, the camera is in good functional condtion. The original case is included. This camera was tested with film and gave excellent results.

We weren't able to locate the full manual but pages H4 and H5 of this Minolta document give a very good overview of features for this easy-to-use camera: