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Konica C35 Automatic ultra-compact 35mm rangefinder camera w/ 38mm Hexanon lens

Konica C35 Automatic ultra-compact 35mm rangefinder camera w/ 38mm Hexanon lens

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The Konica C35 Automatic is a very easy-to-use 35mm rangefinder from circa 1972. It features a very sharp Hexanon 38mm f2.8 lens, a bright easy-to-focus rangefinder, and fully automatic exposure. 

We've found autoexposure rangefinders like C35 (and the competitor Minolta Hi-Matic series) are nearly as easy to use as point-and-shoots, but in our experiences, will give you a higher percentage of 'keeper' photos (a rangefinder can't be 'fooled' like a point-and-shoot's autofocus).

This C35 Automatic requires a 357 silver oxide battery (optional). The camera originally used mercury cells but in our testing the silver oxide batteries provided accurate exposures. 

Condition notes
This camera was film-tested and gave sharp, correctly exposed photos. The camera is in good cosmetic condition with the most noteworthy blemish being a small dent on one of the corners (see photos). Its range-finder is accurate and easy to focus.



  • LENS
    • Hexanon 38mm f/2.8 of 4-element,
    • 3-group design. Lens has Konica's exclusive Color Dynamic Coating which practically eliminates flare and glare.
    • Copal B Mat Programmed
    • Automatic Shutter with combined behind-the-lens shutter and aperture blades. Shutter speeds and lens openings continuously variable and automatically selected.
    • Shutter speed range 1/30 to 1/650 sec. plus B ("Bulb") time exposure (only at full lens opening). "X" flash synchronization at 1/25 sec. for flashcubes, AG-1 bulbs, or strobe.
    • Built-in self-timer.
    • Automatic exposure adjustment controlled by sensitive CdS cell mounted in lens barrel. Light acceptance angle matched to lens angle of view. Exposure System selects and sets optimum combination of lens opening and shutter speed from EV 8 (f/2.8, 1/30 sec.) to EV 17 (f/ 14.3, 1/650 sec.) with ASA 100 film.
    • Film speed scale ASA 25-400 (DIN 15-27).
    • Coupled, double-image alignment type rangefinder combined with viewfinder. Effective base line 12mm. Closest focusing distance 3.3 feet.
    • Lever operated, single stroke rapid film advance with automatic cocking, frame counting, and double-exposure prevention. Folding Inm rewind crank. seif-setting frame counter.
    • Dual flash contacts for cordless or cord-type flash units. × synchronization at 1/25 sec. Flashmatic system adjusts camera automatically for proper lens opening and focusing range.
  • FILM
    • Accepts standard 35mm cartridges.
    • Full-frame (24 × 36mm) negative format.
    • Lens mount threaded for 46mm screw-in filters. Automatic filter factor compensation.
    • 4⅜" × 2⅞" × 2".
    • Weight 13 ounces.
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