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Kodak DC4800 3.1 megapixel CCD digicam w/ 256 MB CF card + battery + charger

Kodak DC4800 3.1 megapixel CCD digicam w/ 256 MB CF card + battery + charger

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The Kodak DC4800 is a vintage circa-2000 prosumer digicam featuring a 3.1 megapixel CCD sensor and a number advanced features that are uncommon in point-and-shoots. It features interesting and very useful dedicated switches for aperture priority autoexposure and exposure compensation. And though it features a pop-up flash, it also sports a professional PC socket for the use of studio strobes and off-camera speedlights.

This was a very expensive camera when it was first sold in 2000 ($1,432.83USD inflation adjusted to early 2024) and it still delivers compelling images in the right hands (the Kodak-made sensors have a cult following). As it is a very old camera it is a bit slow to write to its CF card and its interface is different from more modern designs but it's an interesting camera for people searching for a unique look.

What's included
  • Kodak DC4800 digital camera
  • 256MB CF card
  • KLIC-3000 Li-ion battery (this battery charged in our tests but we cannot guarantee its lifespan; we strongly recommend buying a spare as they are readily available and inexpensive; try searching for 'Dc4800 battery')
  • Charger cable
Condition notes

We tested this camera and it is working correctly. It is in very good cosmetic condition for its age (see photos). 


Contemporary review

PC Magazine did a round-up of digital cameras and the DC4800 (along with the Olympus C-3030) won the Editor's Choice award. The DC4800 came out tops in the jury's image quality test. Read it here:

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