Praktica MTL 5 35mm film SLR camera with Rikenon 55mm f2.8 lens and ever-ready case

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The Praktica MTL 5 is is a well-designed East German 35mm SLR camera from the 1980s. It uses the common M42 lens mount (found in Pentax Spotmatic SLRs and many other types). It's in great working condition. All shutter speeds are working with good accuracy. It includes a sharp Rikenon 55mm F2.8 lens (made in Japan by Ricoh). 

The MTL 5 has a vertical running focal plane shutter (similar to the Copal Square types used in Konica and Nikkormat cameras) with speeds from bulb to 1/1000 sec. The flash sync speed is 1/125.

Condition notes
The camera is excellent aesthetic and functional condition; it was tested with film and delivered sharp, correctly exposed images. The included Ricoh Rikenon is in excellent condition as well. In addition, its shutter speeds travel time accuracy and symmetry were tested as was its light meter.


Please consult the manual.