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Chinon Genesis II 'bridge' 35mm film SLR w/ 35-80mm lens (serial 315439)

Chinon Genesis II 'bridge' 35mm film SLR w/ 35-80mm lens (serial 315439)

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The Chinon Genesis II (AKA GS-8) is a well designed and high-quality 35mm SLR with a built-in 38-80mm zoom lens. It's a very comfortable and easy camera to use in its basic mode but offer a good number of features if you choose to go deep. We love its dedicated multiple exposure button, making it one of the easiest cameras for multi-exposure photography we've ever tried. 

This is an ideal camera for someone looking for SLR quality with point-and-shoot ease of use.

The camera requires a 2CR5 6 volt lithium battery (optional). The original case and user manual are included.

Video teardown
In this video and Australian electrical engineer disassembles the Chinon Genesis II and raves about the superb design:

Condition notes
The camera is fully working but has some cosmetic wear on its body (see photos). The most noteworthy cosmetic flaw is that the plastic 'window' to protect the LCD counter/mode screen was replaced. The camera was tested with a battery and film installed (the film was not developed however) and all functions are working correctly. We also verified the camera's film plane focus and autoexposure accuracy.

Example photos
Here are some pictures taken by other people with the Genesis II:



  • Type: Motorized fully automatic 35 mm AF lens shutter compact camera with Single Lens Reflex viewing system with built-in sensor flash and LCD indications.
  • Type of film: 35 mm film cartridge.
  • Film format: 24×36 mm
  • Lens system: CHINON all glass 35-80 mm F/4.1-6.4 lens with Macro: 8 elements in 7 groups.
  • Macro: Built-in. (Tele macro type)
  • Viewfinder: Fixed pentaprism type.
  • Focusing screen: Matte screen with micro prism.
  • VF Magnification: 0.8 (50 mm at infinity).
  • VF coverage: 85% in horizontal and vertical.
  • Dioptric factor: - 1.0 dioptor.
  • VF indications: Flash symbol LED for flash charging and flash firing, AF LED for AF OK and near distance warning.
  • Finder mirror: Motorized quick return mirror.
  • Auto focusing: Motorized infrared active servo AF system. Stepless.
  • Focus lock: Possible with shutter release button. Cancellable.
  • AF range: 0.85 m (33.5"). -Infinity (stepless).
  • Macro range: 0.5 m (19.7")-0.85 m (33.5") in manual focusing.
  • AF mode: Continuous AF for continuous shooting and Single
  • AF for single shooting mode.
  • Shutter: Motorized electromagnetic program shutter.
  • Shutter speed: 1/4 sec. - 1/300 sec.
  • Shutter release: Focus priority shutter release. Shutter cannot be tripped until focus is completed.
  • Exposure: Normal program A and Slow shutter progam AE
  • (for Flash kill or Daylight sync mode).
  • Metering: TTL average metering
  • Photocell: S.P.D.
  • EV range: (Normal program) Wide: EV9.5-EV17 (ISO 100)
  • Tele: EV10.8-EV18.3 (ISO 100). (Slow shutter program) Wide:
  • EV6-EV17 (ISO 100) Tele: EV7.3-EV18.3 (ISO 100).
  • ISO speed: DX automatic setting for ISO 25, 50, 100, 200, 400,
  • 1000 and 1600. Automatic ISO 25 setting for non-DX films.
  • BLC: Built-in for +1.5 EV.
  • Film loading: Automatically loads film and start position when the camera back is closed.
  • Film advance: Automatic power winder for single and 3 frame sequences at approx. 1 fps.
  • Film rewinding: Motorized fully automatic film rewinding system with auto rewind start at the end of the film and auto rewind stop upon rewind completion. Midroll rewinding of film is possible.
  • Film counter: Built-in with LCD panel.
  • Multiple exposure: Up to three exposure, on 1 frame is possible.
  • Shooting mode: Single frame shooting mode and continuous shooting frame sequences at approx. of 1 fps.
  • Flash system: Flashmatic sensor flash system.
  • Auto recharging: Commences immediately after the flash has
  • been fired. 3 second recycle time.
  • Guide Number: 12 (ISO 100)
  • Flash range (ISO 100): Wide: 0.85-4.0 m (2.8'-13.1") Tele/ Macro: 0.85-2.7 m (1.6' - 8.9’)
  • Daylight sync.: Possible with built-in switch.
  • Flash override: Possible with built-in switch.
  • Power source: 6 V lithium battery 2CR5.
  • Battery check: Built-in with LCD indication. The shutter locks at low battery voltage.
  • Film type window: Built-in.
  • Tripod screw: Built-in.
  • Self-timer: Electronically controlled Self-timer with 10 seconds delay. Cancellable.
  • LCD indications: Frame counter/Film transport signal indicator, Picture taking mode indicator, Self-timer indicator, BLC indicator, Multiple Exposure indicator and Battery check.
  • External strobe: Attachable with optional slave unit.
  • Strap: Hand or neck strap attachable.
  • Filter: Attachable with filter attachment ring.
  • Auto shut off: 30 seconds.
  • Accessories: 105 mm teleconverter for extreme telephoto use, Slave unit, Dedicated flashes with built-in slave unit, Neck strap, lens hood.
  • Dimension: 126(L)×84(H)× 119(W) mm (4.9X3.2x4.6)
  • Weight: 730 g (25 ounces).
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