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Chinon Genesis 'bridge' 35mm film SLR with 35-80mm lens

Chinon Genesis 'bridge' 35mm film SLR with 35-80mm lens

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The Chinon Genesis (AKA GS-7) is a well designed and high-quality SLR with a 38-80mm fixed (not interchangeable) zoom lens. It's a very comfortable and easy camera to use in its basic mode but offer a good number of features if you choose to go deep. One of our favorite features is its dedicated multiple exposure button, making it one of the easiest cameras for multi-exposure photography we've ever tried. 

The camera requires a 2CR5 6 volt lithium battery (optional). 

Video teardown
In this video and Australian electrical engineer disassembles the Chinon Genesis II (the exact same camera as the Genesis except its pop up flash is slightly elevated) and raves about the superb design:

Condition notes
The camera is in very good aesthetic condition except we had to replace the little protective window on the top LCD (see photos). The camera was tested with a battery and film installed (the film was not developed however) and all functions are working correctly.

Example photos
Here are some pictures taken by other people with this model of camera:

(This is the manual for the Genesis II which Popular Photography states is the same camera except for a higher sitting pop-up flash):

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