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Chinon CM-4s 35mm film SLR camera w/ 50mm f1.9 lens + ever-ready case (serial 359792)

Chinon CM-4s 35mm film SLR camera w/ 50mm f1.9 lens + ever-ready case (serial 359792)

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The Chinon CM-4s is a simple but good quality 35mm SLR from the early 1980s which is compatible with popular K-mount lenses (most commonly used on Pentax cameras such as the K-1000). The included lens is a sharp Auto Chinon 50mm f1.9, a highly regarded 'nifty fifty'. 

Overall, we would say this is a worthy alternative to the K-1000 and quite similar in functionality. Its Copal Square-style vertically-travelling shutter is a bit noisier than the Pentax's cloth shutter but it seems to maintain speed accuracy for longer periods. Our only (minor) gripe with the CM-4s is that its flash sync speed is only 1/60, which is slower than typical for vertical shutter designs (but equal to the K-1000). This is mainly only a nuisance if you like to use fill flash on sunny days with wide apertures.

The camera requires two LR44 or SR44/357 batteries (available as an option). 

Condition notes
The camera was tested with a battery and film installed (the film was not developed however) and all functions are working correctly. We verified the camera's shutter speeds and light meter are working with very good accuracy. The camera and lens are in very good cosmetic condition (see photos). The included 'ever-ready' case is good condition with some wear. 



  • Type: 35 mm SLR compact camera with LED type light measuring system. Picture Format: 24 x 36 mm.
    Lens Mount: Chinon Universal Bayonet Mount.
    Mirror: Large, Quick return, shockless system.
    Shutter: Seiko MFC metal focal plane shutter.
    Shutter Speeds: 1 sec. -1/1000 sec., " B ".
    Viewfinder: Fixed eye-level pentaprism, central split image with microprism collar and ground glass.
  • Viewfinder Magnification: 0.87x (50mm lens). Viewfinder Visibility: 92%.
  • Exposure Meter: TTL, Center weighted full aperture system employing one silicon blue photo cell, 3 steps exposure indicator with 3 LEDs.
  • Exposure Range: EV+2 (F/1.9, 1 sec.) to EV+18 (F/16, 1/1000 sec.) - ASA 100 F/1.9 lens.
  • Meter ON/OFF Switch: Meter switch is activated when shutter release button is pressed, meter remains on for
  • several seconds after finger is lifted off release button.
  • ASA Range: 25-1600 (DIN 15-33) with safety lock.
  • Film Advance: Single stroke in an arc of 130° with 25° stand off.
  • Film Counter: Automatically indicates number of exposures and resets to " S " when camera back is opened. Film Rewind: Folding crank type.
  • Accessory Shoe: Hot Shoe type with X sync.
  • Self-Timer: Built-in.
  • Synchronization: Strobe Sync. at 1/60 sec.
  • Power Source: Two 1.5V Alkaline batteries (LR44, A76) or two 1.5V silver oxide batteries (SR44, S76, G-13). Battery Test: Built-in with LED indicator.
  • Accessories: Multi-coated lenses, Auto electronic flashes, carrying case, and many more.
  • Body Dimensions: 135.5 (W) x 86.0 (H) x 50.5 (D) mm. (5.33~ x 3.78~ x 1.99~).
  • Body Weight; 455 grams (16.05 oz).
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