Charman Big Mini M-101 35mm film camera w/ original box

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The Charman Big Mini M-100 is a very basic focus-free cheapie 35mm camera that offers a single shutter speed and aperture; it's intended to be used outdoors with 35mm color negative film. It requires no batteries. This camera includes a hot-shoe so any ordinary camera flash can be used to make this camera usable in lower light situations.

This probably goes without saying but this camera (which was sold under many brands) has nothing to do with the Konica's legendary 'Big Mini' series of cameras (the makers shamelessly lifted the name)!

Condition notes
The camera is working correctly. We tested the shutter and the hotshoe for flash triggering. It's in very good cosmetic condition and comes with its original white box. 

Example photos
Here are pictures taken with the same camera model (under its 'Suntone MM252 branding) :