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Canon Sure Shot 115u ultra-compact 35mm camera w/ case (serial 9614950)

Canon Sure Shot 115u ultra-compact 35mm camera w/ case (serial 9614950)

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The Canon Sure 115u (called the Autoboy N115 or Prima Super 115u II in Japan and Europe respectively) is a tiny yet highly capable 35mm point-and-shoot from 2003. With its small size and excellent image quality, the Sure Shot 115u is a near-perfect 35mm film camera for many people. If we had to reach for quibbles, it's a tad louder than some other cameras and maybe a bit more fragile than average (both of these things are trade-offs owing to its miniaturization).

Here's how it's described in the Canon Museum:

The developed Autoboy N115, which replaces the Autoboy LUNA 105S released in May 2001, features a high-quality zoom-lens unit incorporating an aspherical lens element. The aspherical element enables a more powerful 38-115mm 3.0x zoom lens to be housed within a lighter, more compact body measuring only 107.2 (w) x 58.7 (h) x 42.4 (d) mm about 70% the size of the previous model and effectively corrects for spherical aberration, ensuring exceptional imaging performance throughout the zoom range.

The slim design of the Autoboy N115 combines with an aluminum-coated front cover, a mirror finish lens-barrel ring, and an elegant lilac-colored metallic band, which encompasses the top, sides and bottom of the camera,to realize a sophisticated, high-quality appearance. At the same time, curved bodylines give the compact new model a soft, appealing look and enable it to fit easily and comfortably into the hand or pocket.

The Sure Shot 115u requires a CR2 lithium battery for power (available as an option).

Example photos
Here are some photos that others have taken with the 115u:

Condition notes
The camera is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. We tested the camera's film plane focus accuracy and sharpness with an autocollimator.



  • Type: Fully automatic 35mm lens - shutter AF camera with built-in zoom flash and zoom lens
  • Zoom Range: 3x
  • Lens: 38-115mm f/4.6-13
  • Type: Multi-point Smart AF, Center-point AF
  • Standard: 2 ft./0.6m to infinity (Normal)
  • Macro Mode:  1.5 ft./0.45m to infinity (Close-up)
  • Viewfinder Type: Real-image zoom viewfinder covers approx. 84% (WIDE/TELE) of actual picture area.
  • WIDE: 0.37x magnification; TELE: 1.11x magnification
  • Picture frame, Close-up frame, Wide-area AF frame
  • Green Lamp On: Ready to shoot; Blinking at 4 times/sec.: Subject too close, Focusing not possible; Blinking at 16 times/sec.: Camera Shake warning, Red-Eye Reduction
  • Exposure Control: Program AE. Exposure locks at AF completion
  • Flash Modes: Autoflash: Electronically controlled autoflash based on ISO and AF distance data.
  • Flash Recycling Time: Approximately 7 seconds with new battery
  • Flash Operating Range (ISO 100): WIDE: 1.6-27.2 ft./0.6-8.3m; TELE: 2-12.5 ft./0.6-3.8m (with ISO 400 color negative film)
  • Dial Types Modes: Auto, Action, Night Portrait, Portrait, Close-up, Real-Time release
  • Film Speed Setting: ISO 25-3200, set automatically
  • Film Loading / Advance / Rewind: Fully automatic. Mid-roll rewind possible
  • Shutter Speeds: WIDE: 1/440 - 2 sec.; TELE: 1/345 - 2 sec.
  • Self Timer: Electronically controlled with 10-second delay
  • Battery Type: One 3V Lithium battery (CR2)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 4.2 x 2.4 x 1.7 in./107.2 x 60.2 x 42.6mm
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