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Canon Auto Zoom 814 Electronic Super 8 movie camera

Canon Auto Zoom 814 Electronic Super 8 movie camera

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Note: the mini tripod shown in some photos is not included.

The Canon Auto Zoom 814 Electronic is one the finest Super 8 film cameras ever made. It improves upon the already-excellent original Auto Zoom 814 in several respects: it features an even better lens with a sophisticated design (19 elements in 13 components of which 11 use rare glasses); no additional light meter battery is needed; it offers advanced features like a variable shutter angle with exposure compensation. 

All camera functions are powered by four ordinary AA batteries (not included).

The following accessories are also included: original case; original metal lens cap; collapsible lens hood; UV filter; original wired remote control. 

Condition notes
This camera is in very good aesthetic condition (the only cosmetic flaw to speak of is slight scuffing on the some the spanner screws from servicing; see the many included photos) and is running flawlessly. The original case is included however its decorative leatherette dried out and was removed in on the back leaving a dark canvas (see photos). 



  • Type: 8mm movie camera with easy loading system using Super 8 film cartridge.
  • Frame Size: 5.8 x 4.2mm.
  • Projected Picture : 5.4 x 4.0mm.
  • Lens: F1.4 with focal length of 7.5mm-60mm. Zooming ratio 1 : 8. 19 element in 13 components (including 11 rare glasses). Coated in Spectra Coating. Inner diameter, 58mm. Outer diameter, 60mm.
  • Viewfinder: Single lens reflex type combined with prism screen range finder. Meter information (diaphragm scale, meter needle, over/ under exposure warning mark) and film-end signal built-in. Eyepiece is adjustable (-3 to + 2 diopter), with Eyecup.
  • EE Mechanism TTL type Servo EE Mechanism with Cd$ photocell controlling diaphragm, coupled to film speed and filming speed.
  • Light Measuring Range: From ASA 400. f/1.4. 18 fps. shutter angle "OPEN", to ASA 16, f/32, slow-motion, shutter angle “4”.
  • Film Speed Automatically set by inserting the film cartridge.
  • Artificial Light Type ASA 25. 40. 64. 100. 160, 250. 400
  • Daylight Type: ASA 16. 25. 40. 64. 100. 160, 250
  • CCA Filter: Color Conversion A (CCA) filter built-in for using artificial light type film in daylight Cancelled by inserting CCA Filter Cancellation Adapter or lighting unit to> CCA Filter Cancellation Adapter Socket. Automatically removed by inserting the daylight type cartridge
  • Filming Speed: 18 fps, 24 fps. single-frame end instant slow motion (about 40 fps).
  • Variable Shutter Control: 0°-150°. continuously Fadings are possible with this mechanism
  • Manual Aperture Control: Possible with EE/Manual Aperture Control Ring.
  • Power System: Automatic filming and zooming by precise micromotors. Power Source : Four 1.5 V penlight (AA size) batteries, contained In handgrip. Powers filming system, zooming system and exposure meter.
  • Zooming Speed : About 7—8 sec. (entire range).
  • Manual Zooming With zooming ring, rotation angle about 120°.
  • Running Ability : About 10 cartridges at general speed In normal temperature with new batteries. Single-frame in normal temperature with new batteries approx, one cartridge.
  • Footage Counter : Counts exposed footage. Automatically resets by removing the cartridge.
  • Frame Counter 72 frames In one rotation (1 ft), 2 frames per scale. With adjustable Indication mark.
  • Battery Check : Check button and check window.
  • Handgrip: Folding type, containing battery chamber.
  • Sockets: For remote control, and for flash synchronized to single-freme shooting.
  • Remote Control: Possible with Remote Switch 60 or Remote Switch 3. Switch Dial : Safety switch, with running lock.
  • Film End Caution: Orange warning lamp, lights up in the viewfinder 2.5 ft before film end.
  • Safety Devices: EE warning marks, shutter lock, film transport indicator. Macro Shooting System : By setting with the macro-set lever. With the focusing distance at infinity, possible to get near to subject 16.5cm (6.5") from film plane indicator, picture area 33mm m 45mm.
  • Size: 224 x 118 x 70mm (8 13/16" x 4 5/8" x 2-3/4rt).
  • Weight 1.550 g (3 lb. 6 11/16 OZ ).
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