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Canon AF35M (aka Sure Shot or Autoboy) 35mm film point-and-shoot w/case

Canon AF35M (aka Sure Shot or Autoboy) 35mm film point-and-shoot w/case

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The Canon AF35M (sold as the Sure Shot or Autoboy in some countries) is a classic 35mm film point-and-shoot with a a superb 38mm f2.8 lens. Here's how it's described in the Canon Museum:

This was the world’s first Lens-Shutter 35mm autofocus camera at the time. It used a triangulation system with a near-infrared emitting diode (IRED).

The active AF system had the IRED emit a near-infrared beam so its reflection was received by a pin photo diode.

When the shutter button is pressed halfway, the IRED emits a near-infrared beam on the subject. The beam reflected by the subject was received by the pin photo diode. A triangulation was thereby created in the same way as with an optical coincidence rangefinder. The lens draw is adjusted automatically to match the subject distance for focusing. The near-infrared beam also enabled focusing under low-light conditions, making the camera a hit product. The name “Autoboy” became synonymous with AF compact cameras.

This camera requires two AA batteries (not included)

Canon Museum entry

Condition notes
This camera was film tested and it produced sharp, correctly exposed negatives. The aesthetic condition of the camera is also good (see photos). The included original case shows some wear (see photo).

Example photos
Here are some photos taken by other people with this model of camera:



  • Lens: Canon Lens 38mm f 1 2.8. Construction: 4 elements in 3 groups.
  • Focusing Mechanism: ACTIVE autofocus system.
  • Shooting Distance Range: 0.9m (3 ft.) to infinity (“).
  • Filter Thread Diameter: 48mm.
  • Shutter: Programmed EE shutter. Also serves as diaphragm blades.
  • Viewfinder: Bright frame finder with parallax correction frame for close focusing. 0.5X magnification. 85% vertical and horizontal coverage of actual picture area. Information includes: Picture frame |1m-“), parallax correction frame (0.9m —1m), autofocus spot, zone-focus scale and index (to check autofocus), camera shake warning/battery check lamp.
  • Prefocus: With self-timer lever.
  • Film Winding and Rewinding: Both indicated by lamp and film transport indicator. Winding automatic upon release of finger from shutter button after exposure. Rewinding automatic upon pressing rewind button and pushing power rewind switch.
  • Film Loading: Via multi-slot take-up spool.
  • Back Cover: Opened by pressing back cover latch. Frame Counter: Additive. Counts back frames as film rewound. Automatically resets to "S" upon opening back cover.
  • Self-Timer: Delay of about 10 seconds activated by setting self-timer lever and pressing shutter button.
  • Automatic Exposure Coupling Range: EV6 (f/2.8 at 1/8 sec.) to EV17 (f/16 at 1/500 sec.) with ASA 100 film.
  • ASA Film Speed Scale:* ASA 25—400.
  • Flash: Built-in. Pop-up type.
  • Guide Number: 14 (ASA 100, m) or 23 (ASA 25, ft.)
  • Recycling Time: (Interval between firing of flash and relighting of pilot lamp with new alkali ne-manganese batteries): About 8 sec.
  • Number of Flashes: About two rolls of 36-exposure film.
  • Flash Duration: Less than 1/1000 sec.
  • Color Temperature: Same as that of average daylight.
  • Power Source: Two size-AA alkaline-manganese (LR6) batteries. Ni-Cd batteries cannot be used.
  • Battery Life: At a normal temperature of about 20°C (68° F), a new set of alkaline-manganese batteries will take about thirty 36-frame rolls of film without flash or about two 36-frame rolls using flash for each exposure.
  • Dimensions: 132.4mm x 76.9mm x 53.6mm (5-3/16" x 3" x 2-1/8"). -
  • Weight: 405g (14-5/16 ozs.) including batteries.
  • Subject to change without notice.
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