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Bell and Howell 8429 Super 8 movie camera (serial 25829)

Bell and Howell 8429 Super 8 movie camera (serial 25829)

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The Bell and Howell model 8429 is a simple manual zoom Super 8 camera from circa 1966 featuring the iconic 'spaceship' style grip/trigger (which can be removed if you wish to mount the camera on a tripod). This camera is ideally suited for outdoor or brightly lit interior shooting (we don't recommend it for very dim indoor work).

The camera's motor and light meter are both powered by 4 x AAA batteries (not included).

Unlike most later Super 8 cameras, the B&H 8429 supports the full range of cartridge notches for film speed shown on this page:

Focusing is a tad trickier than later cameras but not too hard once you get the hang of it. As with nearly all super 8 cameras, for maximum sharpness, you need first to set the eyepiece to match your vision by zooming the lens to 35mm, focusing to infinity, pointing to a faraway (more than 50 feet) object and turning the eyepiece until it looks sharp. For critical focusing, a tape or laser measure can be helpful but with good light this isn't necessary (because of the depth of field). 

Condition notes
The camera is very good cosmetic and functional condition. We confirmed the motor is operating smoothly by running a cartridge through it (we did not get it developed however) and we observed the light meter/aperture is responding correctly to light. We also verified the film plane focus using an autocollimator on running film.

Specifications (source: )

  • silent super 8 cartridge
  • lens: B&H Zoom f: 1.9 \ F: 11-35 mm
  • zooming ratio: 3.2x
  • focusing: manual, aerial
  • zooming: manual
  • viewfinder: single-lens reflex with adjustable eyepiece
  • viewfinder information: film-end signal, under-exposure warning signal
  • exposure: auto exposure control; TTL Electric Eye, CdS photocell
  • film speed: auto between 10 and 400 ASA
  • filming speed: 18 fps, single frame
  • shutter opening angle: <180 degrees
  • sound: no
  • remote control socket: no
  • cable release socket: yes
  • accessory socket: screw type, 1/4"
  • film counter: 1-15 m
  • handle: detachable
  • battery check button: no
  • film drive motor: DC micromotor
  • power source: 4 x AA batteries only
  • weight: 900 g
  • dimensions: 65 x 155 x 185 mm
  • tripod socket: 1/4"
  • made in Japan by Bell & Howell
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