Minolta Auto 360PX flash

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Note: the little plastic shoe stand shown in some of the pictures is not included.

The Minolta Auto 360PX is the flagship flash of the PX series and probably the very best speedlight you can buy for an X-700, X-570, or X-500 Minolta SLR. This powerful flash (guide number 118 feet/36 metres at ISO 100) offers automatic TTL off-the-film autoflash control for any f-stop on these cameras. This flash also allows up to 90 degrees tilt and 90 degrees swivel to allow for the most complicated bounce situations.  

In addition to the TTL mode (which requires an X-700, X-570, or X-500 camera), the Auto 360PX also offers a sensor auto mode (which works with any camera), and manual mode variable power settings (handy for studio shots where a flash meter is used).

Four AA batteries are required (not included). Unlike many cheaper flashes, the Auto 360PX allows the use of rechargeable batteries for faster cycling times. 

Condition notes
This flash was tested with a Minolta camera and is working perfectly. The original case is included as is a wide-angle panel (which provides coverage to 28mm). 



  • Type: Programmed/auto/manual clip-on Minolta Program System electronic flash with provisions for TTL off-the-film autoflash control by Minolta X-700, X-500, and X-570 cameras and auto control by on-flash sensor or optional Off-Flash Sensor with other cameras (and X-700, X-500, X-570) Guide number: Up to 36 (ASA/ISO 100, m); variable GN/power control with 9 positions from FULL to 1/16 (GN 9) at 0.5 EV intervals, applicable in TTL Auto, Sensor Auto, and Manual modes X-sync speed setting: Automatic setting of X-700, X-500, X-570, XD, or XG camera’s shutter at maximum speed for proper flash sync
  • Autoflash control: TTL Auto: by Minolta Direct Autoflash Metering (TTL off-the-film) system in programmed or any-aperture mode on X-700, X-500, X-570
  • Sensor Auto: on any flash-synchronizable camera, by on-flash sensor (angle of acceptance: approx. 15°) or optional Off-Flash Sensor (same angle) that connects with terminal on unit's base, at any of 3 apertures depending on film speed
  • Controls and indications: Mode selector for TTL Auto, Manual, and 3 Sensor Auto settings; power switch; computer dial with aperture (f/32 to 1.4) and flash-distance (meters, feet) scales, linked to film-speed (ASA 25 to 400) ring, flash-coverage (T, N, Wi, W2) scale, and variable GN/power control, with green bar showing typical programmed (lash range, range in any aperture mode and manual settings discernible at a glance, and lighted LED indicating aperture setting and corresponding range in Sensor Auto mode; green TTL lamp above panel comes on when mode selector at TTL; combination monitor lamp and open-flash/test button; combination FDC (Flash Distance Check) lamp and dial light button
  • Flash-distance ranges (at ASA/ISO 100, FULL, power): Programmed TTL Auto: 0.7 to 8m, 2-1/3 to 26 ft. (actual range varies with aperture set by program)
  • Any-Aperture TTL Auto: 0.7 to 25m, 2-1/3 to 82 ft. (at f/1.4)
  • Sensor Auto: 0.7 to 13m, 2-1/3 to 43 ft. (at f/2.8)
  • Power sources: 4 self-contained AA-size (penlight) cells, 1.5V alkaline-manganese for usual operation, 1.2V nickel-cadmium for usual operation or sequences up to 2fps at 1/16 power level with Auto Winder G or D or Motor Drive 1; optional Power Grip 2 for sequences up to 3.5fps with Ni-Cd's at same setting with Motor Drive 1 (or any operation above); optional AC Adapter 4
  • Charge control: Series-SCR (thyristor) circuitry; special monitor circuit maintains constant firing charge and minimizes battery drain; energy-saving circuit automatically turns unit off after approx. 15 min. if not fired; automatic charge control during flash time lapse photography by direct cable connection with Multi-Function Back
  • Flashes/recycle time (sec.): Alkaline-manganese: 100/10; nickel-cadmium: 50/6 (at full power and range, as determined by standard Minolta test method)
  • Flash duration: TTL Auto: approx. 1/50,000 to 1/700 sec.
  • Sensor Auto: approx. 1/40,000 to 1/700 sec.
  • Manual: approx, 1/7,000 at 1/16 to 1/700 sec. at FULL
  • Flash coverage: For lenses down to 35mm focal length on full-frame 35mm cameras, down to 28mm with included wideangle adapter (Wide Panel W1-A) or optional Wide Panel W1-B, down to 24mm with optional Wide Panel W2-B, and for 100mm or over with optional Tele Panel T1-B
  • Bounce control: Vertical: 90° upward, with clickstops at both extremes and markings/click-stops at recommended minimum bounce angles for standard/telephoto (50°) and wideangle (65°) Horizontal: 90 to either side, with markings/ click-stops at 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90 to left and right; TTL Auto or Sensor Auto bounceflash duration control
  • Sufficient exposure confirmation: TTL Auto: indicated by FDC (Flash Distance Check) lamp on back panel and 8 Hz blinking of 1/60 LED in X-700 viewfinder
  • Sensor Auto: indicated by FDC (amp on back panel; precheck possible on any camera by pressing test button and checking FDC lamp Contacts/terminals: Direct electric contact for hot shoe; two spring-loaded electric contacts, one for signal from flash to set camera shutter speed and give finder flash-ready indication, other for signal from Direct Autoflash Metering system in camera to control flash duration in TTL Auto; terminal for off-camera cable (Cable OC), clip-on/dual-flash cable (Cable CD), or Off-Flash Sensor; terminal for Multi-Function Back cable (Cable F8); terminal for PC sync cord; external power connection for Power Grip 2 or AC Adapter 4
  • Color temperature: Balanced for daylight-type color film
  • Standard accessories: Wide Panel W1-A (snap-on type), PC sync cord, flash case with pocket Optional accessories: See pages 72 to 77 Dimensions (W x D x H): 76 x 85 x 125mm (3 x 3-3/8 x 4-15/16 in.) overall with flash head forward
  • Weight: 400g (14-1/8 qz,) without batteries