Minolta Autopak-8 D6 Super 8 movie camera

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The Minolta Super 8 movie camera from the 1970s with an excellent 6x zoom lens (Rokkor F1.8 8.4-50mm consisting of 14 elements in 12 groups). It offers both lock exposure and backlight compensation. The motorized zoom has a really handy 'fast/slow' toggle to help you set the zooming speed. The viewfinder is bright and clear with a very easy-to-read f stop indicator.

The original case is included.

Condition notes
The camera was tested and its light meter were tested and they work great. We also verified the camera's true film plane focus accuracy on an autocollimator. The camera is in very good cosmetic condition with only minor wear (see photos). The included original case is in good condition except for the fact that some of its foam cushioning has been removed.



  • EE system: Through the lens aperture measuring system incorporating high-sensitivity CdS cell, special bridge circuit with double coil galvanometer, powered by battery-compartment dry cells
  • EE working range: Daylight filming : ASA 25 —160 (.DIN 15—23), artificial light: ASA 40— 250 (DIN 17 — 25); coupled to F45, virtually obviating need for ND filters; film speed set automatically when cartridge loaded
  • Drive system: Electric micromotor for filming; separate zoom power micromotor operating at approx. 1.6 or 4 seconds' full zooming time
  • Power source: 4 AA-size (penlight) 1.5v dry batteries contained in battery-case located in handgrip
  • Shutter: Rotary type with speeds of 1/40 second at single frame and 18 frames per second. 1/72 sec. at 32 fps; X synchronization at single-frame
  • Viewfinder: Erect-image, single-lens-reflex type, with central microprism focusing, locking eyepiece adjustment, extraneous light shutter; under- and overexposure warning zones and F-stop, safe-run and film-end signals, battery/underexposure indicator lamp all visible in viewfinder
  • Footage indicator; Length of exposed film registered in both meters and feet, automatic return
  • Others: Electromagnetic shutter release, built-in automatic-positioning No. 85 filter (for using Type A color film in daylight), built-in X sync, terminal, accessory bracket, movie-light socket, tripod socket, folding handgrip
  • Accessories available: No. 1A filter, lens shade, close up lens, oversize eyepiece hood, Inter-valometer-S Intervalometer-P, release cord, remote-control cord, wireless remote-control unit, tape recorder-control cord
  • Size and weight: 70 x 128 x 196mm; 1250g (44 oz)