Kohka 200 Super 8 camera

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The Kohka 200 is a very basic super 8 movie camera from the late 1960s. It features an f1.8 wide-to-telephoto zoom lens (the focal length range isn't indicated but I would guess it's something like 9-22mm). This camera uses a 'focus free' design and we thus recommend using it in good light to ensure sharp images.  

We weren't able to locate the specifications for this camera but based on its cartridge pins it seems to be able to meter 25/40, 40/64, 64/100 ASA (daylight/tungsten) films. The 1/4" threaded movie light socket also disengages the orange filter. Overall, the camera seems to be nearly identical to the Kohka 662 with different styling.

This camera requires four AA batteries (not included) for the motor; the light meter originally used a px625 mercury batteries (which are no longer available) but a common and inexpensive 675 zinc air battery works well (included).

Condition notes

The camera is very good aesthetic and functional condition except the viewfinder is quite dusty (this doesn't affect the image quality).