Yashica ME-1 zone-focus 35mm camera

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The Yashica ME-1 is a very nice vintage 35mm zone focus* from the late 1970s. This camera was pretty clearly designed to compete with the classic Olympus Trip 35 and it is quite comparable in both optical and exposure performance. Unlike the Trip, the ME-1 requires a battery for its light meter (originally a mercury RM675 but modern zinc-air 675 cells work well). A case is included and we recommend keeping the camera in it when not in use as the presence of light switches the camera's meter on.

*'Zone focus' cameras use pictograms on the lens (and marked distances) to help you focus. In our experience it's a very simple and effective system that often yields fewer blurry shots than an autofocus camera. For this camera there are 4 presets: 1m is a head and shoulders portrait framing; 1.5m for head and torso portrait framing; 3m for full body portraits, groups of people and snapshots; and infinity for scenery. 

Condition notes
This ME-1 is in excellent condition. We tested it with film and it delivered sharp and correctly exposed photos. 



  • Type: 35mm EE camera with programmed shutter.
  • Lens: Yashica Lens, 38mm F2.8; angular field 59 ; minimum focus 1 m.
  • Shutter: Programmed behind-the-lens shutter (1/60 to 1/360 sec.). Built-in self-timer with approx. 8 sec. delay.
  • Exposure control: Fully automatic exposure with “Top-Eye” CdS sensor; EV range EV9 (1/60 sec. at F2.8) to EV 17 (1/360 sec. at F19); ASA range 25 — 500; operates on one 1.35V mercury battery (Eveready EP-675R, UCAR EP-675R, Mallory RM-675R or equivalent).
  • Viewfinder: Bright frame viewfinder with parallax correction frame; shows correct exposure, overexposure and underexposure; magnification 0.52X.
  • Focusing: Rotating helicoid with distance scale and four focus symbols (Im, 1.5m, 3m and infinity); focus symbols visible in viewfinder.
  • Film advance: Film advance dial; automatic resetting accumulative counter; crank film rewind.
  • Safety device: Shutter release button locks when there is insufficient light for exposure.
  • Other features: Aperture scale provided for flash photography; hot shoe for flash synch included; 46mm filter threads; hood diameter 48mm, slip-on type.
  • Size: 118 X 72 x 54mm.
  • Weight: 280 grams, without battery.