Polaroid Polasonic 4000 (aka One Step Sonar) autofocus instant camera with Polatronic flash

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This Polasonic 4000 Autofocus/One Step Sonar is one of our very favorite Polaroid instant camera models because it offers both a sophisticated sonar autofocus mode (the golden disk is a sonar device) as well as a manual scale focus mode for situations where sonar doesn't work (mostly shooting through windows). Also included is a Polatronic electronic flash which greatly improves the camera's usability in low light (it requires 4 AA batteries which are not included). No flash bracket is included so you have to have to hold the flash in one hand (slightly awkward at first but not too difficult in our opinion).

This camera uses Polaroid Originals SX-70 type films. We recommend using this camera outdoors in bright light for best results or using the included Polatronic flash. 

Please not that the Polasonic 4000 is more demanding on film-pack batteries than most Polaroid cameras. Please be sure to use a fresh film pack with this camera. 

Here is the original manual:

Condition notes
We tested this camera and its in good working order. The body does show some cosmetic wear however (see photos).