Polaroid Impulse instant camera with original case, prism lens filter, box, and manual

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This is one of the simpler models in the Polaroid Impulse series of 600 film compatible instant cameras. This is the whole outfit including the original box (poor condition), manual in French, strap, carrying case, and a very cool multi-image lens filter.

Features-wise, the Impulse offers a fixed focus lens where subjects from 4 feet to infinity should be in focus in good outdoor light; indoors subjects from 4 to 10 feet should be in focus. It also features a pop-up flash and an exposure compensation dial.

Example photo
This is photo another person took with the included multi-image prism filter:  https://imgur.com/a/jLYXq

Condition notes
This camera is in good aesthetic and working condition; it was tested with a film pack. All accessories are in very good condition as well with the exception of the box which is very tattered (see photos).