Kodak Brownie #2 Hawkeye 120 Model C camera (uses 120 film)

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This vintage made-in-Canada Kodak Brownie #2 Hawkeye 120 Model C is a very simple box camera optimized for portraits. It uses 120 roll film (still very common and easy to get) in a 6x9 format, so you get 8 exposures per roll. A take-up spool is included.

According to the McKeown's it was made sometime after 1926 to the mid-30s.

Condition notes
The camera is in working condition (the shutter is firing, it was not tested for light leaks). The viewfinder is very cloudy however. And the camera does have some rust on the inside and wear on the body but it's in pretty good shape considering it is nearly 100 years old.

Video demo
This video offers a good rundown of the camera's features.