Vintage Diana F medium format camera outfit with original box and flash

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The Diana F is a very simple and lightweight medium-format camera. This is the original 1960's vintage version, not the modern reproduction.

It uses 120 roll film (available in many brands and types from all good photography shops and online). This camera gives 16 shots per roll in the 6x4.5 format. 

The detachable flash requires AG-1, M-2, or PF1 flashbulbs (not included) and requires two AA batteries. Please note that this is not a modern electronic flash! 

Condition notes
This camera and flash holder are in excellent condition. It appears as thought the original owner never used it (the strap is still wrapped up). The shutter is firing correctly. The flash holder appears to be in perfect condition but we didn't have a bulb to test it. 

Manual (note: "Hi-Flash" is the same camera sold under a different name).