Kodak Polymax contrast filter set (similar to Ilford Multigrade); 9cm/3.5" square

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This set of Kodak Polymax above-the-lens 3.5"/9cm square darkroom printing contrast filters is in excellent condition.  This set is suitable for any darkroom enlarger with a drawer above the lensboard designed for 3.5" or smaller filters. (If your enlarger has an odd shaped drawer, as is the case with some Durst models, you may need to cut the filters slightly to fit).

The set comprises 12 filters (from -1 to +5) with #2 being the neutral grade. The numbers correspond closely to the Ilford Multigrade II scheme; the only noteworthy difference is that the lowest contrast filter is called "-1" in the Kodak set while it's known as "00" in Ilford kits.